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Being an Exchange Administrator, have you ever dreamt of knowing about every happening in the Exchange Server environment of the organization simply by sitting on your chair or looking at your system monitor? LepideAuditor Suite is an excellent exchange server auditing software that turns it into a reality. This tool lets you audit all the activities of the Exchange environment from a centralized platform, lets you schedule report generation and receive the generated reports by email, and lets you have instant alerts upon the happening of the critical events in the Exchange Server. Certainly, LepideAuditor Suite is a comprehensive Exchange Server auditing tool that makes granular auditing possible in the Exchange environment. It works as a smart surveying system on the Exchange Server and protects the Exchange Server from unauthorized or ill-natured activities. By displaying the history of all the modifications that are done by users in the permissions of the objects, the software also allows effective Exchange Server Permission Analysis between two different intervals of time and date.

Learn about the Working of LepideAuditor Suite

LepideAuditor Suite (LADS), allows you to add/remove domains, and audit them either manually or by automation for any access, change or modification. On its dashboard, LAS graphically displays the number of changes that happen in a day/week/month in the Exchange environment. The dashboard also displays the top 10 Exchange objects that are modified. In addition, it lets you generate reports on Mailbox changes, Policies changes, Mail Contacts changes, Address Book changes, Address List changes, Group changes, Storage Group changes, Recipient Update Service changes, Mailbox Database changes and Accepted Domain changes for a specified period.Additionally, it allows you to audit both non-owner and owner mailbox access on the basis of a specific user access. You will instantly get alerts and receive regular reports displaying who accessed what mailbox, from where it was accessed and when this was done.

LepideAuditor Suite possesses some enhanced features and functionalities that differentiates it from other tools available in the market. This includes checking the status of single or multiple instances of Exchange server and then enabling organizations to meet the regulatory compliances including FISMA, GLBA, PCI DSS, SAS and SOX. Not just this, the tool sends 70+ reports for compliance checking that constitutes the auditing data on how the server components are able to adhere to these security standards.


Using the web console of the Lepide Auditor Suite, all AD users can access its Exchange audit reports from their computers provided they are given the privilege to access those accounts. If required, one can schedule to send these reports via email communication to the specified recipients. Also, alerts from LAS immediately notifies of critical happenings like permission changes, policies and configuration changes. LiveFeed displays the live updates of the user-selected critical changes in the real-time. Domain addition or removal, report generation, scheduling reports, alert generation, creating LiveFeed, and other operations are performed in the LepideAuditor as per the settings specified by the user. Therefore, the Exchange auditing is perfectly under the control of the user. Additionally, real-time alerts for every change in configuration of Exchange Server are accessible through IOS/Android devices. If the user needs some extra help, he can directly contact the support team of Lepide. Exchange Server auditing component of software is available along with Active Directory and Group Policy Object component. The other components of software are Active Directory auditor, GPO auditor, SQL Server auditor, File Server auditor, and SharePoint auditor.

Free Evaluation Version

Exchange Server auditor is a component of LepideAuditor Suite and its trial version is available for free. You can download and install it. The fully functional 15-days trial license comes already activated with the software. You can use it to see how effective it is in the Exchange environment. However, the trial version will be active only for limited days. After that, you have to purchase the full version if you want to continue using it.


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What is Unique about LepideAuditor Suite?
  • Centralized Platform for Exchange Auditing - LepideAuditor Suite provides a centralized platform for auditing multiple exchange servers from multiple domains). The tool stores the audit information in a central database and provides an easy-to-understand summary of the audit report.
  • Improved Auditing Facility - LepideAuditor Suite generates a number of predefined reports on various activities and objects of the exchange server. You can generate these reports manually by selecting the activity and the date range for which the report is to be generated. In addition, you can schedule the report generation by specifying your requirements. It enables you to get automatic reports periodically by email, without manually initiating the audit.
  • Real time Alerts - Instant alerts from LAS helps you act immediately after critical exchange server changes that can have far-reaching consequences.
  • Web console for network wide access of reportLepideAuditor Suite offers Delegation Control and a Web Console that is actually a web server. You can select the Active Directory users and assign the required reports for them. The authorized users can access the Web Console in the network through a Web browser and login to access the assigned audit reports.
  • Permission Analysis – LepideAuditor Suite allows its users to perform comparison of permissions for the selected objects that are displayed between the two different time and date intervals. Also, these permission analysis records can be archived and the permission analysis reports can be saved in desired formats including PDF, MHT, CSV etc.
  • Improved Filtration – The software provides users with the option to add more filters as per requirement in addition to the existing list of column filters in Compliance Reports.
  • Long-term Storage Capacity - Exchange server changes are recorded on logs that are stored in the database. LAS allow the long-term storage of these logs along with archiving capabilities so that you can meet the security compliances easily. Also, reports can be archived with encryption if required.
  • LiveFeed - The live updates of the user-identified critical changes are displayed on the Dashboard. This gives you a clear picture of what all is going on the Exchange Server.
  • Android/IOS applications - Android/IOS applications of the software shows real-time alerts for every configuration in IT environment on iPhones and Android devices.
  • Easy-to-Use - LepideAuditor Suite is notable for its user-friendly interface that gives proper instruction on every step and on every screen.
  • Radar- It offers a number of graphical reports that can be generated for a day/Week/month time. There are different radar tabs for each added component that provides a quick view of what all is going on at the server.
  • Health Monitoring- You can monitor the health of Exchange Server with information on critical health parameters such as CPU and memory usage, Exchange Server, Mailbox Data size, Connection Status, Replication status etc. This health monitoring is also available for Active Directory and SQL Server.
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